Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Art Review

Sep 19, 2022, 4:04 AM

This is a brief art focused review of the Samsumg Galaxy Tab S7


Tablet specs and overall performance

I just ain't going over them, this review is art focused, if you want ot check that just google a review that focueses on that instead.


Is the tablet good for art?

Yes, here are some arts i did using it

Is there any Delay on the pen?

No, but if you use run some application that is really heavy it will start to have a bit of delay, but this is normal to any computer, if you use all of it's memory and resources it's gonna slow down. I noticed it only in the older android krita version that was very buggy to me, and on drawings with ridiculous amount of layers with different blend modes, which is , again, expected, even a computer would lag with that stuff.

How does the pen feel?

It feels pretty much like a wacom tablet, probably because samsung liscenced wacom's technology and is using it in their products.


The pen nib will break from time to time , so i recommend buying a few replacement nibs , they're pretty cheap. Also when the tip breaks half of the nib might still be inside the pen, so you'll have to pick a needle, heat it up with fire and then use it to melt a bit of the nib inside the pen and then pull it out. It honestly isn't that hard, for me it takes about 5 minutes to grab all the stuff and do it.

Here's a video of a guy trying to do it, missing a few times and then finally removing the half of the nib that was stuck inside the pen, i would make a video of me doing it but my pen is fine rn so i don't have a reason to do it.

Would i recommend the tablet?


Overall experience:

8.75 / 10 , pen could be better, android art apps can still evolve a bit further, besides that, an absolute breeze to use. really good.

Also i'm pretty sure that there are alternative pens that are pretty good and you can buy online if you don't like this problem with the pen nib.

yeah that's it this was the revveww hope it helps.

ScreenShare your Android device to PC with scrcpy!

Sep 30, 2022, 10:10 PM

ScreenShare and Control your Android devices on your PC over usb and TCP/IP with scrcpy and guiscrcpy!


okay but what is scrcpy?

Scrcpy (pronounced "screen copy") is a command line utility that connects to your android device via USB or TCP/IP and allows you to share it's screen to your computer and control it remotely.

Here are some of it's main features (directly taken from their github):

  • recording
  • mirroring with Android device screen off
  • copy-paste in both directions
  • configurable quality
  • Android device as a webcam (V4L2) (Linux-only)
  • physical keyboard simulation (HID)
  • physical mouse simulation (HID)
  • OTG mode

How 2 use itt!

First you will need to enable the developer options on your android device.
After that you will have to plug it up on your computer with a usb cable and enable USB Tethering in your device's config's.

Then you run scrcpy on your terminal with: scrcpy

And after that a pop up asking for permission will appear on your android device. Once you accept it, a new window with the device's screen mirrored will appear on your desktop.

Other commands i like: scrcpy -n The -n option will disable remote input to your device. scrcpy -e The -e option will use the Wireless connection instead of the USB one. (Beware that you'll have to accept another permission pop up on your device.)


This is streaming my tablet's screen with the thumbnail art for this blogg lol.

Remember you can always use the --help option or check their github for a more in depth explanation of how it works!


There's also a gui front end for scrcpy called guiscrcpy! It is pretty straightfoward to use and configure!
Here's what it looks like:



Welp this is a very useful tool, i use it to stream the screen of my tablet to obs so i can stream/record art stuffs.

Hope it helps ya!

Their Github

Don't forget to check out their githubs:



Remove mic noise on linux with EasyEffects

Aug 28, 2022, 4:47 PM

EasyEffects is an application that allows you easily filter audio streams in linux.


EasyEffects, previously called PulseEffects, is a software that allows you to apply filters to audio inputs and outputs. it has several filter options and is very useful if you want to remove noise from your microphone or even remove audio from other peoples microphones on a discord vc.

( To set that up you just pick your input, go to the effects tab and add a noise reduction filter. pretty easy)

(also it requires pipewire, so you'll have to set that up on your system if you haven't already.)

This was just an exemple, but if you know how to mess with audio filters the functionality goes a lot further than this.

image It allows you to select which programs have their audio filtered.

image The application features equalizer, noise reduction, deesser, limiter, compressor and a lot of other filters , all with various settings you can tweak.
Honestly i don't even understand about audio filters that well and even i ended up with a pretty decent result just by fucking around and finding out, also the defaults are pretty good aswell, so that helps a lot too.

Check out Easyeffects on github!

so yeah i think this is a pretty useful application and i just wanted to talk about it.

might do more stuff like this on the future?
idk lul